People practicing Power Yoga at New Vision Martial Arts.

“With great respect and love, now the blessings of Yoga instruction are offered.” (Yoga Sutra I,I)

Here at New Vision Martial Arts, we offer Yoga as a tool and your yoga mat as the mirror to witness and transform the patterns you carry and the way you show up in this world. While we learn poses and techniques, breathing, meditation, and philosophy, the key piece of Yoga is to learn to quiet the mind and see yourself and the world more clearly. We will also offer you some physical challenges and deliver the opportunity to see how you are when you are challenged and when things don’t come easily and quickly. In seeing this you will be offered an opportunity to learn to make a choice and transform your patterns. What’s happening on your yoga mat is a reflection of what’s happening in your life.

“From self-study comes communion with one’s chosen personal deity.” (Yoga Sutra II,44)