Fitness Kickboxing

For those with Fitness in Mind

For those Adults who are looking for less of a traditional Martial Arts and more of a Fitness approach, we have our Fitness Kickboxing program. This is a program that designed for those who want a fun medium to high interval work out, and are burned out by gyms and weight training. Our program is designed not to push quantity of exercises, but the quality of your technique. Our sets are technique and time based, meaning that; you do as many as you can in the time frame. However technique comes before the quantity of the exercise. Our Instructors will make sure that you maintain the technique before you go on a mad dash of just throwing out thousands of kicks and punches for minimal physical effect.

Think of this class as a toned down version of martial arts. That doesn’t mean it’s easier, it just means that we’ll focus less on spinning kicks and more on cardio and fitness. The best part? You’ll see results. We’ve watched countless of our Fitness and Kickboxing students lose weight, improve their health, and discover a better lifestyle.

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