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When beginning your yoga journey, your flexibility will be tested like never before. However, progress is soon to follow. After taking New Vision’s yoga class, students will experience a breakthrough in their flexibility and balance. Thanks to moves like the downward dog, the crescent lunge, and the pigeon, your range of motion will be better than ever. By increasing your flexibility, you’ll gain improved coordination, greater mobility, and will be better protected from injuries. Not only are these qualities important in everyday tasks, but they are the secret to reaching new heights in other sports and physical activities.

New Vision Martial Arts Yoga Classes


In the modern age, we spend so much of our time sitting behind a computer screen, gluing our eyes to the television, and mindlessly scrolling through our cell phones. Not only do these activities decrease our amount of physical activity, but it depletes our energy levels as well. When we’re constantly being alerted with notifications and updates, we’re often more distracted and less productive.

By practicing yoga, you take back control. Yoga stretches the body after long days sitting at a desk, promotes thoughtfulness, and improves blood flow throughout the entire body. Yoga is sure to help you fight off drowsiness and add that much-needed energy to your day.


Yoga doesn’t just make you more flexible or help you get in shape for your upcoming beach day – it’s also amazing for your health! Yoga decreases inflammation, boosts heart health, improves metabolism, and helps maintain a healthy weight. Oh, and most importantly, it’ll help you sleep better!

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