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New Vision Martial Arts Yoga Classes We Offer

Power Yoga Flow

Power up with this energizing and strenth builiding class as we invoke the Inner warrior to cultivat more focus, discipline, and overall awareness of the mind, body and soul. This style is desinged to transform the way you think, feel, and move, increasing physical capabilites in tandem with the mental. It promotes anxiety relief, self-growth, and continual advancement toward your own goals, offering benefits as long as you remain conscious and active during your practice.


Power Flow Yoga takes its inspiration and core from Ashtanga Yoga. This style relies more on synchronized breathing with each movement to produce beautiful, flowing patterns of motion and evergy. It tend to be more vigoruous than Slow Flow, and we generally recommend that practitioners are capable of enduring a higher rate of physical activity and heat in their classes. However, we welcome practitioners of all levels, as our flow will be led based on the energy of the class, and modifications will be offered. Along with the standard Power Flow sequences, we will be learing arm balances and inversions, taking your practice to the next level. Creating internal heat is a big benefit of this style, helping with overall detoxifiction, cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. A big part of this practice is a Breathwork (Pranayama), helping to increase internal heat, release energy blockages of the body, strengthening respiratory and digestive systems, and adding texture to the practice. The class will always end with Shavasana, a classic resting and restorative pose, and a guided medition, helping the body, the breath,your heart and your mind to slow and calm themselves, and for the energy to settle.
Expect to be challenged and to leave feeling refreshed an empowered.

New Vision Martial Arts Yoga Classes We Offer

Vinyasa Yoga FlowSecond

Find a flow state with the body and breath through moving and transitioning. Experience a breath to movement practice, where the breath comes first then comes the movement. Every inhale will take you to a pose and every exhale will lead you to another one. Here you will experience fluidity between your body and mind, exploring your creativity. Expect to be challenged as this practice will help you to build muscle throughout the whole body and also build a balanced and functional strengh. It’ll help to expand your range of motion, improve your cardiovascular health, as well as help relieve stress and anxiety. Pranayama (Breathwork) will often be practiced, depending on the collective intention of the class. The class will always end with Shavasana, a classic resting and restorative pose, and a guided medition, helping the body to entegrate the movement.


Vinyasa Krama (often shorted to Vinyasa) is the synchronized movement of yoga asanas (yoga poses) through various stages in order to achieve a specific goal. Most commonly, this goal is to progress from simple yoga poses to more advanced and challening. By the time practitioner reaches the goal-typically an advanced asana-he/she is physically and mentally prepared to successfully practice it.
In our Vinyasa class we emphasis controlled movements, mostly focusing on the transitions from posture to posture, rather than the holding of it, which designed to improve your joint mobility, flexibility, muscular strengh, cardiovascular stamina and agility.
You will be offered Strong Vinyasa Flow or Slow-Burn Vinyasa class depening on the overall envergy of the class. Therefore, we welcome all levels practicioners. Please do expect to be challenged!
Another important aspect of our Vinyasa class is finding a flow state, that sense of fluidity between your body and mind. We weclome our practicioners to stay creative and intuitive throught the movement, exploring the body and tuning into the inward immediate sensations feelings and impulses, out of the mind into the body.

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