New Vision Martial Arts


I’m Olga ( feel free to call me Olya)
& I’m so excited you’re here! 

This is a space for inspiration, accountability, and a sprinkle of guidance for those interested in self-growth, movement, adventure, and living a more empowered life.

About her:

Olga Koval is Russia-born creative passionate about movement, nature, mindful productivity and finding joy in everyday moments.
She is an inspiration and a left hand to her husband Tey Koval, the owner and chief instructor of New Vision Martial Arts.
She is a full-time homeschooling mother of 4 children, mixed-movement enthusiast, and a Yoga teacher.

Throughout the journey of finding a fully-authentic expression via self-explorative and empowering practice of Yoga, Olga sought to practice and learn from teachers around the world within various lineages and styles.

Introduced to yoga back in Russia in 2003, and through learning both physical and emotional benefits of the discipline, Olga became fully committed to the path of yoga after the birth of her 4th child, in 2020, when she dived deeper into the practice, the philosophy and principles of Yoga, meditation and its moral foundations. Throughout this time, she learned Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga, and westernized system and approach through Power Yoga that brought a lot of focus and attention to physical and physiological aspects and effects of Yoga through modern science.

While completing the training and getting certified for 200 HR. RYS through Soul Medicine School of Yoga in Atlanta GA she was introduced to Adi Natha Yoga lineage, which essentially expanded and deepened the knowledge and understanding about energetic movements of prana in the body, states of true vitality and stillness through the use of pranayama, asanas, mantras, and mudras, meditation and spirituality.

Always a student before a teacher, she seeks to be inspired and inspire others; challenge herself and challenge others. Olga’s love for practicing and sharing mixed-movement and living her values is reflected in her grounded teaching style, in the passion for bringing women and men together, creating and holding a space of empowerment and accountability for those who are on this journey as well.

From her:

I believe my gift in this world is not to be an expert at anything, but rather an invitation into what is possible if we simply begin and keep going, step by step.

These are five values which I strive to embody and to honor with my relationship to self, to my kids and the work I put out in the world:

Family. As someone born and raised in Russia I value traditions, home, and family, living with respect and honoring one’s person and body. I believe that as parents we teach our kids more than we think, daily, with our traditions, reactions, comprehension of this world, responsibilities, awareness and understanding.

Nature. I see nature as an inspiration and the most powerful resource that we have, for which one has ultimate responsibility: to care for the land, for the sea, for the air.

Self- Development. The most important capital and investment one can ever make is in one’s own growth and in the relationship with people. It’s about redefining all over again who you are until you become the best in it. It’s about conscious leaving and about cultivating your relationships with yourself and the energy we put into other people.

Movement. To move is to live. Moving is more than creating forms and shapes with the body: it is a lifelong commitment to self-reflection and personal development. I embrace all type of movements. It’s one of those things that we have naturally, the ability to move, and yet we only fully discover this gift when we are unable to move. Why wait?! Explore and find your favorite way of moving the body.

Creativity. Through creativity we communicate with our soul. It’s when we find the flow state, it’s that moment when we are completely free from our logical, thinking ego-self.

Last one

 “Let’s come together, exploring the movements, getting inspired, creating, and holding a space into Mindfulness, Movement and Creativity!”