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Finding Your “Why”

Many have asked “Why New Vision”, what is this New Vision of teaching Martial Arts, or maybe it is a new Martial Art entirely. I have struggled to answer the question properly for a very long time, I was looking for a way to explain it with logical means. The help came after listening to Simon Sinek describe his idea of a “Golden Circle”, which is: There are three circles, the outside circle is the “What”, the second circle is the “How”, and the most important circle is the “Why”. Most of us describe what we do use only the first two circles, simply because we can put it into words, we can use logic and reason to explain. However, the “why” is purely emotional, the part of the brain that is responsible for emotion is not responsible for speaking. Therefore, it is so difficult to describe the “Why”. After much thought and reflection, the true “Why” has finally come out and made sense, so this is our “Why”, therefore it is New Vision Martial Arts;

New Vision Martial Arts have nothing to do with teaching Martial Arts in a new way, it has everything to do with how we see our Employees. It has everything to do at how we take care of those who help us achieve our dreams. With over 20 years of working experience and 12 years of teaching experience, I have seen failed management, leadership, and how employees are overworked and underappreciated.  I have seen great teams fall apart because the environment that was created by leadership was toxic and devoid of care and empathy. New Vision focuses on taking care of their Employees by providing an environment in which they will have the ability to grow, have an impact, and more than anything New Vision will provide them with a lifestyle. It is my belief that with an environment where an Instructor feels empowered and feels that there are help and empathy, he or she can teach impactful and phenomenal classes. New Vision method is simple, help those who help others. Meaning; we help our Employees, so they can help all our students to reach their goals and their potential. With this environment of empathy and growth, we will help the community that is around us, because when you feel empowered you want to share that feeling. This is the “Why” of New Vision Martial Arts. This is what we start with, we start with the “Why”, because through the “Why” we can meaningfully impact the What and the How.

Owner and Head MMA Instructor
Owner and Head Mobility/Yoga Instructor
Da'Mon Kirby - Boxing/MMA Instructor

Da'Mon Kirby

Boxing/MMA Instructor
Joah Skinner - Instructor

Joah Skinner

Jayli Dorsey - Assistant Instructor

Jayli Dorsey

Assistant Instructor
Chandler Erlenbusch - Assistant Instructor

Chandler Erlenbusch

Assistant Instructor
Reid Lackey - Assistant Instructor

Reid Lackey

Assistant Instructor

Core Values

New Vision Martial Arts

Confidence Icon

New Vision MMA provides students with the knowledge they need to be strong martial artists. Their confidence will improve with their new lifelong skill set of self-defense and mindfulness.

Inspiration Icon

We want to inspire a passion for movement, within and beyond the program you choose. You’ll be welcomed into an environment that encourages exploration and ignites your drive to succeed.

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Our instructors approach every student differently. We tailor our lessons to accommodate individual skills, and treat every student like family.

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The New Vision MMA community supports each other on and off the mat. We’re growing and always helping each other become our best selves.

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We constantly work towards both mental and physical improvement. New Vision MMA classes help grow your mind and body.


New Vision Martial Arts Self-Defense

One of the main questions that we get asked is “Do you teach Self Defense”. We are going to be very honest about this. Yes, we do, but not the way you think. What does that mean? We will of course show you through out several classes some pre-set self-defense. This is to get your comfortable with figuring out some techniques. However, this is not effective in the long run.

New Vision Martial Arts Self-Defense

Self – Defense is all about confidence, physical and mental. We do not mean confidence that you keep telling yourself that “I can do this”. No, we mean the real inside stuff, that you ‘know’ that you can do it because you have practiced over and over. Therefore, we focus on combinations during our work out, and physical fitness to strengthen the combinations. That way if you ever, and we hope you do not, end up in the confrontation that will turn physical, your body will take over because it knows it can do it. This is true confidence, the ability to know that you know.

“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.” – Bruce Lee

New Vision Martial Arts Self-Defense

Belt System

There is no “standard” belt color scheme. Every style and every school use their own belt system. However, they are all loosely related. Meaning, every system starts with a white belt and goes through black belt. After achieving your black belt rank you can begin to earn degrees within the black belt, 1st 2nd etc.

Here is how our belt system works:
White Belt

Yellow Belt

Orange Belt

Green Belt Recommended

Green Belt Decided

Purple Belt Recommended

Purple Belt Decided

Blue Belt Recommended

Blue Belt Decided

Brown Belt Recommended

Brown Belt Decided

Red Belt

Senior Red Belt

Bo Dan

Black Belt 1st Degree

The average time to reach your Black Belt 1st Degree is around 3 to 4 years. However, if you are under the age of 13, the black belt you will be getting is a Junior Black Belt. Once you turn 13, you may request to be able to test for you Black Belt.. You can still reach your 2nd degree black belt as a junior, and of course during the next testing phase you will be promoted to a 2nd Degree Black Belt.
For timing between tests, please contact us and we will be happy to explain to you how our testing cycles work.

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