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Little Dragons for ages 4-6 yrs. old


To be able to develop basic motor skills, but we are sure you have heard this before. What does this all mean? There are two types of motor skills, Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills. The Gross Motor Skills answer for large muscle performance tasks such as walking, balancing or crawling. The Fine Motor Skills answer for smaller muscle groups that affect movements such as wrists, hands, fingers etc. At this age it is important to begin development on both groups. This is the first part of our program for our youngest practitioners.


How to turn that muscle development into basic Martial Arts, such as punching, kicking and movement between the two. At this age we will also focus on self-defense, such as Stranger Danger and what to do if other kids on the playground/school are being too rough.


We focus on character development, respect, focus, self-discipline. We would like to point out that many schools have this as a priority, and that is fine. For us we teach Martial Arts first, and through Martial Arts the character development will shine. We have a simple understanding, if you teach someone what confidence is, this will not make them confident. It’s the same as knowing that you need to do the right thing but were never actually taught and walk through how to do the right thing. At New Vision Martial Arts, we will be teaching all these life skills through Martial Arts, because we believe that you came to a Martial Arts School and that character development is an integral aspect of the Martial Arts, not an added benefit.

Little Dragon Confidence

At this age we want to make sure that the child confidence comes through with their Honesty. Simply because at this age the kids are very exploratory and tend to do things that can sometimes cause a mess or a predicament. At New Vision Martial Arts we want to build Confidence through Honesty. Such as telling the parents if something happens. i.e “Mom, I was playing and I broke something”

Self Defense

At this age its tough for a child to physically defend themselves. As they are still discovering their own physicality and strength. What we want to focus on at this age is using your voice. Such as warning those around you that you are in trouble, or letting the attacker know that you are not helpless.

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